a. Additional Instructions: The nose clip should be unfolded fully before wearing, and closely fit with face without gaps.
b. Application: The face mask is used for daily protection, to block body fluids, bacteria, pollutants, blood splashes or other splashes.
c. Caution:
i. Do not change, cut the product without permission.
ii. When using, unpack and take out disposable mask to direct use.
d. Service Life: Three years.
e. Note:
i. Pay attention to check whether the packaging is intact, confirm the external packaging mark, production date, expiration date and use it within the expiration date.
ii. If the packaging is found to be damaged before use, it is prohibited to use it.
iii. After the product is used, it should be disposed of according to the requirement of the hospital or environmental protection department.

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To buy N95 masks at best prices, Ind Swift has introduced face masks online. Two strap design of protective mask offers close, tight, and comfortable facial fit with efficient filtration. These reusable masks block 95% of dust and air-borne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Multiple layers of nonwoven fabric cover your face and ensure smooth breathing during its usage.


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